I don't get why kids think it's cool to do this. You are seeing these "Gallon Smashing" videos all over the internet. I don't see the humor. I just see a total lack of respect.

Yesterday a “gallon smasher” in a Omaha, Nebraska Hy-Vee got himself arrested and charged with criminal mischief. 21 year-old Christian Cain (pictured below) and 3 of his brilliant pals apparently have nothing better to do than this mindless activity. Cain wasn't even bright enough to make up a story about what he was doing. When he was questioned by an Omaha Police officer he reportedly confessed, saying, “Obviously I did it on purpose.”

According to The Smoking Gun:

Cain’s “gallon smashing” resulted in nearly $260 in damages. “Splashing milk” ruined 65 boxes of Pop-Tarts ($148.85) and 27 boxes of cereal ($101.26). The two one-gallon containers of 1% milk were valued at $2.99 apiece.

Is it just me, or is this the face of stupid?