There has been a lot of pain at the pumps through the month of May with midwest suppliers shut down for maintenance. It had gotten so bad, that Sioux Falls gas stations had started getting their gas from Rapid City, where gas is $3.29 a gallon. Apparently that 'pipeline' has been shut down from the west, but we're hearing good news (finally) on the horizon!

Prices have apparently leveled of (and even peaked) here in Sioux Falls, and hopefully for the rest of the region. Average regular unleaded prices in Sioux Falls is $4.18 and about 20 cents higher in the Twin Cities, but wholesale gas prices appear to be on a sharp price decline leading experts to speculate, we may actually see a fairly significant DECREASE in price around June 1.

Does that help with the Memorial Day holiday weekend? No. Will we see prices roll back to where they were around May 1? ($3.19 for Silver, $3.30 for regular unleaded) Doubtful. But a 25-50 cent decrease would certainly be a good start!

We'll keep our ear to the ground and on the gas pumps and hopefully have some real good news soon.