A 3.5 mile wide gouge has been discovered by scientists under Decorah, Iowa. The crater is roughly 700 feet below ground and was formed 470 million years ago when Iowa was a tropical climate located near the equator.

Iowa is home to two of just 28 confirmed meteorite craters in the nation. Worldwide, they number less than 200. Most burn up when they hit the atmosphere, so they're definitely not common.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources had a theory that the crater was there about six years ago, but new technology has confirmed it. The meteor had the impact of 22 hydrogen bombs.

It's the second time in a year that water supply issues have been effected by the discovery of a meteor crater. Manson, Iowa had to change their plans when drilling hit the famous crater there, which is one of the world's largest at 24 miles wide. That's a LOT bigger than the one that buzzed Russia last month!