2012 brought about some wonderful things, unfortunately fashion was not one of them. As the year draws to a close, hopefully we can say adios to a few of the years fashion blunders as well. Here is a quick look at some of the worst fashion mistakes of the year:

  • 1

    Patterned Leggings. Great for dinner parties and zebra hunts!

  • 2

    The half-shaved head. Leave it to Miley Cyrus to resurrect a style that went out in the 80’s with Cyndi Lauper and Bow Wow Wow.

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  • 3

    Extra pointy shoulder pads. What's scary is someone actually thought this style looked good!

  • 4

    The big floppy hat. I thought these went out of style back in the 70's? Just another reason why you should never throw anything out I guess. It's bound to come back around again sometime.

  • 5

    Bell bottom jeans. Hey they looked great back in 1977. Not so much in 2012.

  • 6

    Platform shoes. 1976 called and they want their shoes back.

  • 7

    Gladiator sandals. Julius Caesar would be proud.

  • 8

    High-waisted shorts. From the same people who brought us flood pants.

  • 9

    Over the forehead headbands. Paging Olivia Newton John, your headbands are in.

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