This afternoon I found out how much I depend on Gmail from Google. Maybe too much. It was around 2pm Friday afternoon and I was set to download some photos to put up on our website. It's usually an easy process. Press a couple of buttons and boom.  Not today.

According to Google on

The culprit, said Google, was an internal software bug that ultimately caused users' data requests to be ignored, which then caused errors within Gmail and other Google services.


Maybe you were like. Scrambling through the office asking, 'hey, is your gmail down.' There's was today. And it sounds like it was a LOT of people.

The article on went on to say;

Google apologized for the outage, which, it reported, lasted 25 to 55 minutes and affected as many as 10% of users. The company also said they are in the process of putting systems in place to prevent any similar problems in the future.

How 'bout you. Panic stricken this afternoon?  If so, you weren't alone.