Are you one of these people that believes who needs a doctor when I've got the Internet to tell me what's wrong?

When it comes to diagnosing something as simple as the sniffles or something far more serious like a persistent pain in your chest, these days, one in four of us choose to believe what Google says over our own physicians.

According to a new survey, one fourth of Americans are putting way too much faith in the Internet to diagnose their various illnesses.

And that's probably not such a good idea. A study conducted earlier this year, showed when researchers Googled people's symptoms then compared the results to the people's actual illnesses, the web results were only right 58% of the time.

Not exactly the best of odds if you ask me.

You should also know, another study revealed that 11% of medical websites give incorrect health advice.

Do you really want to place your livelihood and well being in the hands of something that somebody wrote on the Internet? Oh, that's right; everything you read on the Internet is true. I'm sorry, I forgot.

Yeah, you might not want to delete the emergency room phone numbers for Avera and Sanford out of your Smartphone quite yet.

Source: Daily Mail