Ladies you've undoubtedly heard of the freshman 15, the 15 pounds a student typically gains during their first year of college. Well, now get ready for the next great reason for weight gain, “the boyfriend 15!"

This is that strange phenomenon that often seems to happen when a woman gets into a relationship. They have a tendency to gain some weight!

Some say it's due to the comfort of being with someone who loves you unconditionally; others chalk it up to snacking or eating out more often with your man. Whatever the reason, if you aren't careful weight gain is inevitable when a girl goes off the market and moves from single to taken.

Then of course there's always the "husband 40." That is the 40 unsightly pounds your man packs on once the two of you end up get hitched. You know, when all he wants to do is sit in his recliner, watch TV and yell at you to grab him another brew!

There is a bright side to all of this. With all your constant running around waiting on him, it's a way for you to work off that boyfriend 15. Hey, it's cheaper than the gym! Sorry, I'll stop now.