I love a good 'Life Hack.' You know, one of those tips that you say to yourself, man I wish I would have thought of that. Case and point, a simple take it anywhere guide you can use to grill the perfect steak.

You've started the grill, cracked a cold one the steaks are ready, now,  if you could only come up with the perfect way to grill everyone's steak. Well, we have some pictures to help you out. According to Lifehack.com,

Press on the heal of your thumb. That's what a raw steak feels like. Check it out. It's true. Press on it with a set of tongs. Get that feel in your mind. If you check your steak on the grill that's what a raw steak would feel like.

Now, press your pointer finger on your thumb. That's what a rare steak would feel like on the grill.

Now, press your 2nd finger against your thumb. Notice how it's making a firmer feel? That's what a medium steak would feel on the grill.

Press your thumb against your 4th and that's a medium well steak.

Finally if you press your 5th pinkey finger against your thumb you get the feel of what would be a well done steak.

Another 'why didn't I think of that idea' comes from the kitchen of the Tea Steak House. The first steaks you put on the grill are the ones that need to be on the grill the longest. Example, if your wife likes her steak done more than you, put hers on first. I don't know why I didn't think of that. For years, I waited to eat while her steak was finishing on the grill.

Side note, give me a two burner Weber Grill, ready to grill steaks. 400 to 450 degrees on the dial. Put 'em down. 2 minutes, quarter turn. 2 more minutes flip. 2 more minutes quarter turn. 2 more minutes and bring em in and rest em and eat em. (add 30 seconds per move for thicker steaks)

Thanks to hand model Jerry P.