Men, I hate to say it, but you become "invisible" sexually to younger women at age 39.

According to a new survey, that is the age when the average man becomes a ghost around younger gals. Yep, at the ripe old age of 39, men supposedly hit manopause, they begin to lose their allure and the younger ladies start to totally ignore them.

I know guys, as hard as it may be to believe; younger women aren't attracted to your gray hair, lack of hair, double chin and beer belly. Unless of course all that comes along with a wallet that appears to be as thick as the New York City phone book. Then all of a sudden you once again have the dashing good looks of Channing Tatum.

Now I know, that's not the case for all ladies, but let's be honest, there are definitely a few that can smell money on a man from miles away.

And I can with a reasonable degree of certainty that all of this research goes right out the window, if your genetics have graced you with the good looks of say, George Clooney, Hugh Jackman or Leonardo DiCaprio past the age of 39.

If you still manage to look like one of those guys, I'm fairly sure you can find plenty of young women that won't mind if you're creeping around the bars on a Friday night hitting on everything in sight.

Source: Daily Caller