Are you ready for a future free of ID cards, paper trails, key cards, cash, and credit cards? It's actually being tested closer than you think. And it's getting worldwide attention.

Students in South Dakota are the first people on the planet to use a system to prevent fraud that not just scans your fingerprints, but checks to see if you actually have a pulse. Something that could come in handy at long lectures and business meetings.

More than 50 students and faculty members at the School of Mines and Technology in South Dakota are part of that pilot program which uses biocryptology that allows them to buy items at campus shops.


Instead of swiping cards or counting out cash and change to make purchases at campus stores, they're getting their fingerprints scanned and pulses checked. I guess, to make sure they are truly, well...alive.

What this allows you to do is get rid your credit card, get rid of your wallet, get rid of the items in your purse that could be used to identify you and make purchases or transactions, and really use your own self, your biometrics, as your authentication."  - Joseph Wright, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology associate vice president for research-economic development.

I'm just guessing the students hope this technology doesn't catch on with bar owners. there goes the fake ID you've been saving up for.

Anyone ready to start that 'mark of the beast' comment thread below?