Birthdays come and go but the other day it did occur to me that when it comes to birthdays, we focus all of our attention on the person who came into the world on that day – the child.

Elise Smith, 29, mother of two in Sioux Falls, "I agree,  moms should always get some recognition that day!!

I understand we have Mother's Day and that is ok.

Twila Conklin has three kids and is an empty-nester, "don't be silly it is not needed. Mom's don't need to be selfish, we don't need any recognition. It's all about our babies on birthdays. That's what Mother's Day is for."

Birthdays is actually the day of giving birth so if we celebrate efforts of achievement in our nation, we should be saying Happy Giving Birth Day to our mom who had to endure the whole nine month, give or take, plus or minus the labor pain and all rather than celebrating the day we had nothing to with.

The day of our birth is an act of great courage and generosity – as well as stress – on the part of the mother.

This is not a new idea, but I would like to suggest that in addition to celebrating the child, we should also take time to recognize and honor the great effort and sacrifice that the child's mother made on that day.

"In my case, I'd have to celebrate my birthday, my "giving birth day" and my daughter's birthday all on the same day," said Michele Johnson.

Johnson add, "I had a friend that on her birthday, she would send her mom a dozen roses."

Teresa Bishop, mother of four all six and younger said her husband gives her loving for all the work she did in carrying the family, "my husband likes to wish me a 'Happy you gave birth day' on our kid's birth days."

Have you ever taken a moment to thank her for her sacrifice? To thank her for all that she did for you? And, if you were adopted, please remember that you were lucky enough to have two mothers, the one who brought you into the world, and the one who raised you.