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Get a load of this ladies, just when you thought you spent countless hours worrying about how your body looks in those skinny jeans or your swimsuit, there's a chance your man could be obsessing just as much, if not more, about the condition of his body.

According to a new study, 14% of men are more body conscious than their wives or girlfriends.

They actually spend more time on things like finding the right clothes to wear to work or trying to get themselves in good shape to take a vacation. 9% of men have actually cancelled a planned vacation because they were insecure about the way their body looked. In other words, they’ve had no luck losing the gut and were too ashamed to strut their stuff on a beach full of people.

While it's true that having body image issues applies to both men and women, what's interesting is how they both go about attacking the problem. 

When men aren't happy with the way their body looks, they hit the gym and work out, obsessively at times. Whereas women tend to diet. Sure, plenty of women also go to the gym, but the majority start with the diet route first.

Another interesting difference, women are far more vocal with their friends about the condition of their bodies. Most women are not afraid to talk about their cottage cheese looking cellulite covered thighs with all their besties. Whereas it's kind of hard to imagine a group of guys hanging out in a sports bar sitting around having a brew complaining about how they can't seem to lose those love handles.

Men are never going to let their guard down around their peers. We have that I love football, beer and girls image we need to protect.

The study showed the shift to stay fit for both men and women partially stems from seeing all of our favorite stars on TV, the movies and magazines. When we are constantly bombarded with all these slim, toned stars it inspires us to try and look our best.

Here's something else that's interesting about guys, despite having the best looking figures, it appears the younger generation of men is far more insecure about letting it all hang out in public.

44% of men over the age of 55 said they were happy with their beach bodies, compared to just 28% of 16-24 year olds.

Bottom line, you're always going to be able to find some 55+ year old "big gutted" guy out there that's not afraid to don a Speedo and put on a show for the girls at the beach. The sad thing, in his mind he actually thinks they’re enjoying it!  

Source: Daily Mail