Usually by December the weather is so cold around here that our kids can only stare out the windows at school and dream of the playground.  But once again this year milder weather is extending the outdoor recess season.

While that is good news indeed, what kids are finding on the playground these days isn't so good.  According to The Wall Street Journal , some child development experts and parents believe that playgrounds have become boring, driven by a fear of lawsuits, concerns about injury and "worrywart" parents.

Boy how things have changed.  I speak from personal experience when it comes to playground mishaps.  Let's see, there's the broken elbow from the monkey bars, the stitches in my eyebrow from the chain link fence, and the concussion from the slide - not all from the same day mind you.  I know playgrounds can be dangerous but I learned how to cope and no one from my family ever sued.

This new 'politically correct' playground is bad for kids, according to the Journal, which says the result is that kids want less to play outside, potentially harming both their emotional and physical development and contributing to the childhood obesity epidemic.

Yet another example of the adults ruining it for the kids.  Never forget the 'play' in playground!