We Americans are addicted to our email. It's part of our daily routine. There's just no escaping it, and it doesn't sound like many of us want too.

As you know, having access to your email on your Smartphone or an electronic tablet means you're always at work.

According to a new survey, two thirds of us check our work email outside of work hours at least once a day. One in eight continuously stay logged in to email all day, regardless of where they, so they can reply in real time.

Four out five people check their work email over the weekend. Three in five check it while they're on vacation and more than half check it from home after 11:00 P.M.

Want to hear something really crazy? One in 16 email junkies claim to have checked their email while either they or their spouse was in labor!

Imagine one day, someone asking you the question "So what were you doing when your first child was born? Well if memory serves me right, I think I was in the hospital waiting room reading an email from my boss." How pathetic would that be?

Speaking of email, how often do you clean out your email inbox? One of the people participating in the survey claimed to still have an email saved from 1994. Really? A 19-year old email.

I'm thinking if you still have email from when Bill Clinton was president; it's probably time to empty your inbox.