She wanted him to leave, he didn't want to, and he wound up going to jail.

Sioux Falls Police Lieutenant Loren McManus says it was late Wednesday night when two men were visiting a woman in the 3800 block of South Hawthorne Avenue.

McManus says one of the men was acquainted with the woman, but when she asked them to leave, he became combative.

McManus says the man pushed the woman into a wall, put his hands around her neck and kept her from breathing clearly.

The man left the scene before police arrived, and officers put out an attempt to locate on the man.

McManus says ironically, an officer working a saturation patrol in the 12th and Carolyn area stopped a vehicle after the driver failed to dim his lights, and the driver turned out to be the man police were looking for.

In addition to aggravated assault, McManus says Mario Nelson, a 22-year-old transient, was charged with possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia for a syringe with meth residue.

The 31-year-old woman refused medical attention.