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Okay, question for you, when you go next door to ask if you can borrow a cup of sugar or your neighbors weed whacker, do you even know your neighbors last name?

Seven out of ten people claim they don't according to a new survey.

Gone are the days of neighborhood block parties or the neighbor that would always take the time to wave at you in the morning as you leave for work. So much for the friendly neighbor that would help you chase after your dog when it runs away or the neighbor that would never miss the opportunity to buy lemonade from your kids lemonade stand.

To show you just how anti-social we've become has a society, one third of us say they couldn't even pick their neighbors out of a lineup. And 51% of people claim they don't know the first name of at least one of their next door neighbors.

It's kind of amazing just how little we actually know about the people who live just a few feet away.

Can all this anonymity be a good thing? Check this out, of the people who do know their neighbors, 10% say they don't like them or trust them.  That is a shame.

I can remember growing up when our neighbors would watch over our house while we were away on vacation. And when our neighbors left town, my parents would do the same.

Times have definitely changed!

If you ask me, it’s a sad day when the only time you recognize a neighbor is through a set of binoculars don’t you think?

Source: Daily Mirror