Julie de Leseleuc/Getty Images

All I want for Christmas is the number to Nutrisystem. Don’t be surprised if you find that request on a few peoples Christmas wish lists again this holiday season.

28% of Americans say they fully expect to gain weight over the holidays according to a new survey and 91% of those people fully admit it will be their fault.

The reason why, absolutely no self control when it comes to eating all those naughty and nice foods that will be making an appearance at your place over the holidays. You know, the usual suspects like turkey, ham, potatoes, stuffing, cranberries, Christmas candies and cookies, pies, pudding, sugar plum cakes, you get the idea.

I think I put on five pounds just writing that!

Jolly Old Saint Nick won't be the only one with jelly in his belly, we're all pretty much screwed this time of year. Unless of course you're one of those people with a super-high-metabolism or you're some kind of weird space alien that doesn't groove on traditional holiday foods and desserts.

I mean who has the willpower to resist these things?  Personally, I think the blame should fall at the feet of all those good cooks around us. If they weren't so talented in the kitchen we wouldn't have this problem every year right?

Just admit it; "weight loss" will be high atop your New Year's resolution list again this year.

Now who wants another slice of pumpkin pie and some Cool Whip?

Souce: PR Newswire