I freely admit it, I am a sucker for baby animals! Someone made the comment once that, that was exactly the reason God made infants look as they do, all wide-eyed, innocent and helpless; so their appearance would afford them some protection. Then again, you could be the cutest lizard or spider on the planet and I'd still scream at, or step on you!

In the case of this baby gorilla, she is so ugly she's adorable! Truly a face only a mom or a true animal aficionado could love. Little 'Ole Benjamin Button's got nothing on this mini-ape, she already looks about 100 years old and yet so delightful!

She was born by emergency C-section at the San Diego Zoo and has been under 24 care as her human helpers tried to keep her and her mom alive and encourage her to thrive. She is now doing pretty well and this was the first time she had met her mom. They will slowly re-introduce mom and baby as they both get stronger with the goal being to have mom take over the infant's care.