I have had dogs and cats all of my life. We even had an attack cat for years. But he was usually attacking us! His name was Toby, he had a head the size of a cantaloupe and in his later years he became quite ill. The thankless job of shoving medication down his gullet everyday became mine. There were times I wasn't sure all my fingers were coming back. But I adored him anyway.

Thank goodness for Tara the Bakersfield, California attack cat! She four-footedly fended off a neighbor dog's attack on her favorite four-year-old, Jeremy Triantafilo. Jeremy and his mom, Erica, were in their front yard watering flowers and playing when the dog somehow got out of the neighbor's yard and drags Jeremy off of his trike. Tara "litter-ally" flies into action!

I love this cat, she looks just like my Gabby girl at home!