When it comes to Mexican fast food, I have always believed there are two kinds of people, Taco John's people and Taco Bell people. I freely admit I am a Taco John's person. I love everything about their food and it all started in college in Vermillion. Taco Burgers and Apple Grandes were the two items I craved most often and the Taco John's was right across the street from our dorm.

Whenever you had a bit of extra jing in your wallet, (which unfortunately was not very often), there were 3 places from which you wanted food; Taco John's, Godfather's Pizza, (also across the street from the dorm) and R-Pizza in downtown Vermillion. No, I was not a Bimbo's "gut-bomb gas burger" patron. If the guy flipping your burger just pumped gas for someone else, odds were your cheeseburger had the faint aroma of petroleum products! (1970's USD alums know exactly what I'm talking about). But I digress.

It is not that I haven't tried Taco Bell products, they just don't suit me, I guess. Besides, just the thought of Potato Oles makes my mouth water and you can't get them there. In any case, Taco Bell is finally letting the world know what makes up the other 12% of their "seasoned taco meat" mixture. The company says on their website that the other ingredients are very common in all kinds of food products that we eat everyday and are all approved by the FDA.

I took a look at the list and you should too, if it matters to you. I'm telling you right now you have probably eaten every one of those ingredients in the last week, especially if you've had any fast food at all, or cereal, soda, bread, chocolate, etc.  It really isn't a big deal. If you love Taco Bell, you're still going to love it. If you love Taco John's, would you stop and get me a Taco Burger & Oles, all of a sudden I'm starving!