A soccer club in Manhattan has banned high fives. Not because they are participant ribbon weirdos. But because of the flu. Instead they are encouraging players to bump elbows.

It's not that much of an overreaction. The Governor of New York declared a public health emergency as the flu epidemic rages. In New York, where the scoccer club in question is, there have been nearly 20, 000 cases of the flu reported.

The Manhattan Soccer Club also encouraged its members to stay home if sick, get a flu shot and practice good hygiene. All the stuff we all should do.

In South Dakota things could be just getting started. The SD Health Department reports that there have been more than 460 laboratory-confirmed cases of flu and nine deaths reported.

“We do encourage people to get vaccinated early in the season but it’s still not too late to get immunized,” said Dr. Lon Kightlinger, State Epidemiologist for the Department of Health. “The flu virus is likely to be with us for several weeks, if not months, so getting vaccinated now can provide important protection from the flu.”