Sounds like high school students still love to cheat these days.

97% of high school students surveyed admitted to cheating on tests in the last year according to a new study done by Challenge Success. 75% said they cheated four or more times!

I figured cheating the old-fashioned way, like I did when I was younger would be long gone these days. However, come to find out, there are still plenty of kids that admit to copying from another kid's paper, whispering the correct answers to each other, or who could forget the old writing the answers on your hand trick.

But, as you can imagine, many students have traded in the tried and true methods of yesteryear for more sophisticated new ways to cheat. Often using technology like cell phones to text answers to friends, or taking pictures of the test and beaming the images to fellow students. A few kids reported recording the answers using an MP3 player, and then listening back to them through earphones during exams. (Ingenious I must say!)

I had to laugh at one kids cheating technique. He would write the correct answer on the inside of a water bottle label and then reattach it, so the writing was visible through the water while taking the test.

You have to wonder what these students would accomplish if they applied all this creativity and determination to a more constructive thing, like, I don’t know, studying?

Now be honest, how about you, did you cheat in school? How did you do it?