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Feel like you might have put a few pounds on over the Thanksgiving Day holiday? No need to worry, here are a few random weight loss tricks to try that with any luck will have you melting off those unwanted pounds right away.

Believe it or not, there's no need to hop on a treadmill or elliptical to start losing weight.  Just watching sports on TV helps you get in better shape. That's assuming you’re not sitting on the couch eating a pizza, munching on a bag of chips and washing it all down with a six-pack of whatever while watching sports.

Obviously watching sports on the tube is not as effective as actually playing sports or a good tough workout in the gym, but it does supposedly help curtail weight gain.

Watching sports on TV makes your heart rate go up, and your blood flow and heart rate are similar to actually exercising.

Not crazy about sports, there’s always the diet route. Only problem, anyone who has ever been on one knows how challenging they can be. Many times they never seem to work for some people.

According to a new study out of Duke University you might be better off just focusing on maintaining your current weight, instead of trying to cut calories and attempting to drop a bunch of weight. That of course is providing you can live with the current weight you're at?  Research has found that when people focus on maintaining their weight, they ate healthier long term and were less likely to give up on their plan, something that happens all too often with people who go on a diet.

Finally, I read about this weight loss trick for women a while back. Many ladies purposely wear jeans that are one or two sizes too small for them. The reason why, it forces them to either diet or start working out with the hope that those jeans that are too small will fit once again. Pretty sneaky ladies.

Hopefully one of those three tricks will be the ticket in your battle of the bulge this holiday season? If not, maybe you'll get lucky and somebody will wrap up an Ab Coaster or a Cardio Cruiser and place it under the tree for you this Christmas.