I've been to indoor weddings, outdoor weddings, destination weddings, courthouse weddings, even a wedding in the haymow of a barn.  Now there is a new trend in weddings, that I was reading about on Time.com,  real 'Shotgun Weddings'.  Not the type ya hear about hastily organized in the mountains of Kentucky cuz Jethro knocked up Betty sue, but the kind where ya get to have a little cake, visit the open bar, and blaze away at a target of Laplander Swamp Moose.  Shoot the weapons of your choice.  You can say your vows and shoot guns all for one price.  Sweet!

It's a new craze that is catching on in the tourism industry.  Rather than ziplining, or snorkeling, on your Hawaiian vacation you could go to the Royal Hawaiian Shooting Club and try out a .44 Magnum and get yer Dirty Harry on.  Wouldn't that just make your day?

Warner Bros. Pictures 1971