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Is it just me, or does there seem to be umpteen bazillion crazy diet strategies to help you drop all those unwanted pounds these days?

Who remembers diet plans like: "The Tapeworm Diet, The Chewing Diet, The Sleeping Beauty Diet, and The Cotton Ball Diet or how about the Caveman Diet?"

Well, great ready for the latest diet trend: it's "Jamming a Stick of Butter in Your Morning Coffee!"

Supposedly it's a spinoff of the Paleo Diet; you know the one, where you try to eat like a caveman to lose weight.

Obviously cavemen didn't have nutritionists to help them design their diet plans or for that matter coffee and butter, but the idea of putting animal fats and proteins into your coffee works with their diet principles.

If adding lots of butter into your daily routine sounds interesting and you want to give it a shot, here's how: mix at least two-thirds of a stick of butter into your coffee. You can also add coconut-palm oil for flavor.

By drinking butter coffee, you get an extra energy boost; it also helps curb your appetite and helps you lose weight.

One word of caution however, apparently it tastes really AWFUL!  So if you can manage to choke down a few cups of this crazy concoction, who knows you might shed a few pounds?

Good luck!