WalletHub, The Social Network for Your Wallet has named Sioux Falls Number 1 in the country for "wallet wellness" out of 150 cities! This is in celebration of National Financial Literacy Month which was established to encourage people to be more responsible financially. Sioux Falls has the second lowest average commute time at 16.4 minutes, behind Lubbock, Texas at 15.3 minutes.

Wallet Hub uses 8 measurements in making their determination on wallet wellness:

  1. Median Household Income, Adjusted for Cost of Living
  2. Median Home Price
  3. Rank in WalletHub's Best & Worst Cities for Job Seekers Report
  4. Economic Mobility Rank
  5. Average Commute Time
  6. Average Credit Score
  7. Well-being index
  8. Physical health

If you'd like to check out the complete report, click here.