Troels Graugaard/Getty Images

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but when George Washington said "I Cannot Tell a Lie," he was lying!

Ok, he may have come clean about cutting down his father's cherry tree, but trust me, George Washington lied just like the rest of us.

A recent study shows the average person lies once or twice a day and starts lying around the age of two.

A big misconception about liars is they all have shifty eyes, not true, according to the study. Get this; supposedly lie detectors and truth serum doesn’t work when it comes to detecting whether or not a person is lying.

Here are seven facts we know to be TRUE about lying:

  • Liars don't have shifty eyes. When the scientists conducting the study examined footage of people who were lying, their eyes didn't shift to the left and right any more than people who were telling the truth.
  • Lie detectors don't work. You should know this by watching Law and Order or your favorite cop shows on TV. Lie detectors measure anxiety in a person and are still admissible in some courtrooms, even though an expert liar can fool them by staying cool and relaxed under pressure. 
  • 56% of liars believe they get away with their lies every day.
  • People usually lie under a time crunch. Most lies told aren't premeditated and usually slip out when the liar doesn't have time to think about the consequences of telling the lie.
  • The average person tells their first lie around the age of two. Ask any parent and they can attest to that. Figuring out how to lie is just one of those milestones like taking your first step.
  • Lying makes you smarter. Scientists have found that liars have stronger brain matter in their prefrontal cortex, because they can link thoughts and ideas that aren't actually connected to reality. While honest people have a difficult time coming up with stuff that isn't true, but liars can make up stories with ease on the fly and keep the details of those stories straight in their minds. Some really good liars even start to believe their own lies.
  • Truth serum doesn't work, no matter what the movies say. It's actually a chemical called "sodium pentothal" and it removes your mental filters making you talk a lot. What you say under its influence is only partially true, the rest can be fantasy.

You know when you think about, hearing that the average person tells just one or two lies each day is kind of shocking. Given the staggering amount of scandals and deceit we read about every day. 

Who knows, maybe we're not all liars? I second thought I can't say that, I'd be lying.