Have you heard the news, Facebook is turning ten years old? Have you ever wondered how much of your life you’ve lost looking at Facebook each day over the last decade?

Think about it, how many hours, days, and weeks have you spent looking at your news feed, friends baby photos, stalking your ex, getting food updates, and status changes.

Well, now you can find out.  Time Magazine has created an online calculator to help you figure out just how much of your life you have blown hanging out on the social media site.

Once you get the "How Much Time Have You Wasted on Facebook" app, you first need to estimate the amount of time you spend on Facebook each day. (The average person spends 17 minutes a day. That seems pretty low to me. I must know quite a few Facebook junkies I guess.)

Once you've plugged in your time estimate, it scans your entire Facebook history and spits out a number. A number that will more than likely blow you away!

Most people are shocked by the number they see, even if they’re not a huge Facebook user. Often times the number revealed equates to days, sometimes even weeks of your life that you've wasted creeping on your friends on Facebook.

Give it try, you can check out the website here.