Halloween is here once again! If the goal is to get as much candy as you possibly can for your little ghosts and goblins tonight, consider trying a few of these handy, dandy, Halloween candy scoring tips from a trick-or-treating expert like me:

  • First, don't just trick-or-treat in your neighborhood, visit a variety of neighborhoods. Look for houses that are close together, so you can cover more ground in a short period of time. You might consider getting on Google maps to find the largest neighborhoods in the city.
  • Bring along a BIG bag to hold candy. The bigger the bag, the more candy you're taking home.
  • Dress up your little ones in something that will make them look super cute. Cute kids get people cooing and often times that means they end up being more generous with the candy.
  • Leave early, come home late. That way you'll have the most trick-or-treating time possible. I would recommend wrapping up your trick-or-treating adventure by at least 9pm. Not many homes groove on having little one's knocking on the door late at night. Especially if their yard light is off. Bad idea!
  • Try the old "go out twice" trick. Once you've completed your trick-or-treating route, go home and change your costume. Put on a different mask or change into a different costume that requires lots of face make-up so you won't be recognized by the people at the houses you have already visited. Double dip baby!
  • Empty your bag into something else between houses periodically. That way it will look like you haven't gotten much candy yet and people will feel sorry for you.
  • Attend various Beggars’ Night parties. A number of towns and places like churches have fall festivals on Halloween night. These events are great for kids to show up to in costume, play a few games and make a haul in the candy department.
  • Most importantly, be courteous. Always remember to say please and thank you. People love kids with good manners and a cute smile. A please and thank you will always get an extra piece of candy in your bag.


It's always a good idea to check over the kid’s candy before letting them eat it. You can never be too safe these days.

Be safe, have fun tonight and Happy Halloween!