Erik Isakson/Getty Images

If convenient store coffee tastes better than the stuff you've been brewing lately and you're not exactly feeling like Joe DiMaggio aka "Mr. Coffee", there’s a good chance you could be using your coffeemaker the wrong way.

I've tracked down the four biggest mistakes that people make when brewing coffee. Give these a try and your home brew should no longer taste like a cup of rocket fuel.

  1. Using warm or old water. Some people use warm water because they feel it helps. Not the case! All it does is make your coffee taste stale. You should always use COLD water for a good, strong taste. Always make sure you use fresh water each time you brew.
  2. Not using enough coffee grounds. Don't skimp on the grounds. You should always use two tablespoons of ground coffee for every six ounces of water.
  3. Failing to clean your coffee machine correctly. Most people simply wipe it down and rinse the carafe. You should always clean the inside too. Mineral deposits form over time and affect the taste. Fill the water reservoir with one-third vinegar to two-thirds water and run a cycle.
  4. Using old coffee grounds. Make sure your grounds are fresh and possess a strong aroma. If you use individual coffee packets, remember that they go stale after a few months, even if they're sealed.

Here's to a better tasting "cup o' joe" soon!