Ruth Jenkinson/Getty Images

If you want to make people think you're filthy rich, don't waste your time buying some big expensive mansion, a closet full of designer clothes or feeling like you have to drop 60 to 70 thousand dollars on a luxury car. The key to getting people to think you're loaded is wearing sweatpants in public!

That's right, giving the appearance that you're wealthy and extremely successful in life is as simple as wearing a pair of really comfy sweatpants while out in public.

This revelation comes from a new study conducted by the Harvard Business School.

There's a perception out there that wealthy people sometimes dress very badly to demonstrate superiority. You're showing that you're SO rich that you don't need to flaunt your wealth, according to assistants at super high-end luxury boutiques like Armani, Burberry and Christian Dior.

Workers at those shops reported clients wearing gym clothes typically ended up spending much more than patrons who came in wearing an elegant dress or even a fur. 

Another good sign of potential wealth, when you witness a would be shopper wearing sweatpants stepping out of their BMW series 7. That's usually a pretty good indicator that they didn't just come from a double-wide and chances are they're probably carrying a gold card.

You should know however that you can't just wear the $4.00 Walmart sweatpants to pull this persona off. You have to buy the more expensive line of sweats. But getting to wear them out in public on a regular basis is totally worth the investment!