How good are you at telling when someone is flirting with you? Are you pretty adept at picking up on the vibe he or she is throwing out in your direction, or are you one of these people that's completely oblivious when someone finds you attractive and is trying to get your attention?

Chances are it's the latter according to a new study.

The study showed the majority of people are really bad at picking up on the signs that he or she is in to them.

Only 36% of men and 18% of women were able to tell when someone was being a flirt. On the hand, a whopping 80% of both men and women could tell when someone wasn't flirting with them. Which pretty much says whenever we interact with someone, we're all fairly confident they have no interest in taking us across the threshold of ecstasy.

Should you need a little help in the identifying a "flirt" department, here are some of the signs that he or she wants to get to know you in the biblical sense.

Some of the flirting indicators with women are generally things like; she repeatedly glances at you, she smiles a lot, makes direct eye contact with you during a conversation, gives you a little wink, plays with her hair, goes out of her way to touch you and will talk with you every chance she gets.

The biggies when it comes to men are; he always tries to make you laugh, he will gently tease you, makes direct eye contact, goes out of his way to compliment you, gives you a flirting touch, tilts his head when talking to you and will act kinda fidgety around you.

And should you run across a man or woman that gives you their phone number without you asking or offers to give you a lapdance. I'd say without question they want to be more than just friends. At least for one or two nights anyway.

Source: Jezebel