What's the secret to losing weight without having to go through the agonizing pain of counting all the calories and spending countless hours sweating in some gym?

Men's Health and Shape magazine say there are four things you can employ to trick yourself into eating less.

As strange as it may sound, they recommend you don't let the foods on your plate touch. My wife already does this. Nothing can ever touch on her plate. She actually builds little barriers to prevent food from touching. Can you say OCD!

I guess the thought process behind not letting your food touch is you're forcing yourself to take smaller portions. If you pack your plate with tons of food, there's no way to avoid them from touching.

Another way is to eat with your other hand. If you eat with your non-dominant hand, it will take longer. This will give your body more time to feel full.

Here's probably the strangest trick, don't use your cell phone while you eat. The question becomes, do you possess the self-control to put your phone down that long?

The idea is that you will eat more when you're distracted by something. These days, when it comes to distractions while eating, chances are it's either gonna be your phone or your TV that's doing it. So if you put down the phone and turn off the TV, in theory you're supposed to eat less than you would otherwise.

Finally, they say you should eat off a "blue" plate. Scientists aren't sure why, but for some strange reason eating off a blue plate makes you eat less.

The blue plate diet. Yeah, I know, it seems a little kooky to me as well.