Here's something I bet you didn't know, your sleeping position in bed is an indicator of how happy you are in your relationship.

After the proverbial "new car" smell in a relationship starts to fade, many couples quit spooning as often and decide to put a little distance between each other in bed to get a better nights sleep. As it turns out, that's a bad idea.

A new study reveals, couples that continue to sleep less than an inch apart are the happiest. While couples who sleep at least two-and-a-half feet apart are the least happy.

The findings showed that couples who make physical contact during the night are also happier than the couples who have instituted the "no touching" rule while sleeping.

42% of people like to sleep back to back according to the sleep study. While 31% sleep facing the same direction. 12% sleep less than an inch apart. Another 4% sleep facing each other and 2% sleep at least 30 inches apart.

What do you suppose it says about a couples happiness when they both sleep in crooked nail positions all night with two Wire Fox Terriers sprawled out in between them?

Oh wait, let me guess. They're idiots! But as my wife is so fond of saying, at least our dogs are getting a good nights sleep. Me on the other hand, I have a 24/7 kink in the neck and two fury pains in the you know what!

Source: The Telegraph