In my world there is only one way to have syrup on your pancakes or french toast and that is warm.

Hungry Jack used to be my favorite syrup. Not because it was exceptionally good, it tastes as good as any maple syrup does. It was my favorite because it came in a short bottle that fit perfectly into any microwave. It even had a little temperature sensor on the front that told you when it was hot. But not anymore.

Hungry Jack did away with the little microwavable bottle. Now their syrup comes in a much taller bottle that not only does not fit in a microwave, it even says on the label in big bold letters, "DO NOT MICROWAVE IN BOTTLE." Well I'm glad they didn't try to prohibit me from microwaving the syrup out of the bottle.

I'm not quite sure when this happened. I could not find an exact answer but from the looks of their Facebook page, the change took place some time in May.

In response to a fellow microwavable bottle fan, Hungry Jack responded with the following:

The decision was based on a shift in consumer preference away from warming syrup in its original bottle. Thanks for the opportunity to answer your question!

Other comments wondered if there was an issue with the bottle making it unsafe, which Hungry Jack said was not the case. So it's just because people don't want their syrup warmed up? Really? This is the country I live in? It's like "New Coke" all over again. Maybe they'll come out with "Hungry Jack Classic" in the classic short microwavable bottle.

Photo by Andy