If you have children, you undoubtedly have a number of funny stories you could tell about something they've said or done in public.

One of the best and worst things about kids is the fact they have no filter, no sense of privacy or embarrassment for the first few years of their lives. Like me, I'm sure you know plenty of kids who have grown to be adults that still do not seem to possess a "filter" later in the life.

Much to the humiliation of their parents, children love to say or do inappropriate things in public places whenever given the opportunity.

Today, I overheard a hilarious story from a co-worker about one of his kids. Recently the two of them were Christmas shopping together in the mall, when his young son walked up to a female mannequin and depantsed it, right there in public to check out its private parts! Now that is something that would make any father proud! A truly priceless story!

How about you? Do you have any funny stories about something your kids have done or said in public that you would like to share? Please comment below.