I’m officially old.  Let me rephrase that, I officially look old enough to not be carded when entering a bar.  When and how did this happen?!?!

I was back in my old stomping grounds, Sioux City, a couple of weekends ago and not one bouncer asked to see my ID.  I, however, found this offensive and showed them my ID anyway.  One bouncer did indulge my vanity and upon seeing my ID gave me a hard time by saying that my ID must be a fake because I look so young.  If it was customary to tip bouncers, I would have.  That whole weekend made me feel old.

It started in Wayne, Nebraska, specifically Wayne State College to go to my younger brother’s homecoming game.  He doesn’t play football, but I went to hang out with him and his friends.  Being 26 with a real job and real student loans and real bills and real life problems I immediately felt old hanging out with 21 and 22 year olds who think a real problem is deciding what kind of booze to bring to the rager that night.  I cut out early on my brother to meet up with an old college friend in Sioux City.

We were going to go to our favorite hang outs in good ole Sioux City.  Our most favorite bar, Rosie’s, no longer exists. Fail.  We continued to walk down 4th street and discovered every bar we ever loved was super dead. Apparently, all the cool kids found somewhere else to drink cheap beer.  We ended our night early at our favorite late night eatery, La Juanitas.  Their beef nachos are probably one of the top two things I miss most about Sioux City.  In that regard the weekend was not a total bust.  I may have matured, for the lack of a better word, since I graduated college and left Sioux City, but I would like to argue that when I left, the party left with me.