I wasn’t planning to get into this, but everybody else is and I don’t want to be left out.

First, let's set some parameters to our discussion.

1) There are crazy people.

2) Crazy people will do crazy things. Substitute 'evil' for crazy if you want.

3) I like to shoot guns; I love a good pistol grip pump action.

4) I don't care about hunting. In fact if you like hunting you should be siding with crazy tree huggers, at least they want to preserve the outdoors. Not use it up and sell it off to China.

5) I may have a TEOTWAWKI plan and supplies prepared in case of zombies or Captain Trips, whichever comes first. But I'm not going to tell anyone for sure.

Guns aren’t going anywhere. There are too many and too much money to be made. It is in an industry’s interest for you to think that guns are going to go, or be taken, away. Ask a pencil peddler if they think that what they sell is a scarce item, they will say yes, they want sell you a pencil at the highest price you will pay. That’s not wrong, that’s economics. Regardless of what your uncle posted on his Facebook status, The President has been great for the gun business.

Nobody wants your guns. 'K. Just let that go. There are over 300 million fire arms in the US. Loudmouths think the Guv'munt is soooooo stupid they can’t fill a pothole, but that same Guv'munt is organized enough to fuel up the Black Helicopters (or they are really green?) and swoop in and round up all the guns.

Speaking of which...in a world where public and private organizations can track and watch you from space using your phone, where every word you type is archived and syllable spoken is recorded. A world where robots can fly high above and shoot an explosive at a square foot sized target. A world where the military has LASER weapons and napalm. If the Guv'munt is comin', they comin’. They aren’t, that's the fever dream of a conspiracy nut. If real life (not TV news life) degrades so much that an average person needs to be standing guard over their homes, we have bigger problems than needing to pack a gat in the grocery store. Problems like fighting the rats in that grocery store for the last Twinkie.

Collectors will collect. They will search, pay and wait for the newest piece in their collection. Whether it is records, comics, Happy Meal Toys or guns, a collector will fill out paperwork and wait for what they want.

Guns have one purpose: to kill. That is what they are for. That is a necessary evil in the world. They are not like fire, which has many uses and can be misused or destroy on its own. Or a car which has a use and can be misused to cause death. Let’s at least be honest about what we are talking about.

We are afraid of the wrong things. Chances are that a 'stranger' will not break into your house and steal your daughter. An assault on you and yours will likely come from someone you know. I know dozens of women raped by people they know, I don't know any 'Law and Order SVU' type victims. Of course that is not to say never and there is always someone who knows someone. But we're talking about in general. Leaving a light on, saying hello to your neighbors and locking your doors all go a long way to deter crime.

You want to protect your kid and loved ones?  Get vaccinated, and make sure your kids do. I'm much more afraid of a goofball hippy family that takes health advice from a former playmate and sends their Whooping Cough laden offspring to my kid's school. Nothing like watching your baby chock to death because some damn fool based there health decisions on an email forward.
Another way to protect your family is to pay your taxes. That’s how we get quality police and other public officials. Packin’ heat won't put out a fire. You get what you pay for, when you pay nothing you get nothing. Dedication and commitment are great, but the kids can't eat it. Also, support, through votes and money, health care. When sick people (head and body) get the care they need from qualified professionals they get better.

Of course nothing is 100%. There will always be exceptions, we can't help everyone. But to doom everyone because you're afraid of one possibility is not just unfair but morally wrong. That’s the The Nirvana Fallacy and that thinking has stalled progress a hundred times over.
And just shut up about movies, music and games. Really, are we having this ridiculous argument again? Really?! Rap music is 30 years old, Heavy Metal is 40 and video games have been around just as long. Donahue dealt with this in 1990. Frank Zappa's words on music censorship still ring true today.  From the book 'Real Frank Zappa' - testimony before the Maryland State Legistlature, Febuary 14, 1986.

"Disturbed people can be set off on the disturbed course of actions by any kind of stimulus.

If they are prone to being antisocial [?] or whatever, they can be set off by anything including my tie, or your hair, or that chair over there, or anything.

Anything can set it off, you can't point to statistics of people doing strange things in the vicinity of rock music.

Because all you got to do is look around at all the normal kids who listen to it and live with it every day, who do not commit suicide, they don't commit murder and they grow to be in some cases legislators."

Finally, crossfire is not the solution. An armed guard on the school steps would have been the first causality and an armed teacher would have been the second. Crazy people are not scared, deterred or run off. If a gunman (or gunperson, to be a smart ass) has the foresight to think about armed resistance he would not be a crazy person. Criminals never think they will get caught, that’s what makes them criminals. That's what makes them crazy.

We do not want to live in a world where the guy taking his frustrations out on the kid in the drive-thru window is armed and thinks a bullet will solve his problems. Do you want to live in a world where a mistake is answered by a hothead with a nine? Or a drunk? Do you trust the person next to you to be trained and able to properly use a device that is meant to kill? I don’t trust most drivers, and they have to be licensed and tested.

But, what do I know? I think season two of 'The Walking Dead' was great and 'Enterprise' is my favorite Star Trek.