Even though many residents in Sioux Falls still haven't figured out the zones they are in for snow removal during the winter, the city now has another zone that you may want to learn for the summer.  It's the mosquito spray zone!

If the weather cooperates, the city of Sioux Falls Health Department conducts spraying efforts for mosquitoes in areas (or zones) of Sioux Falls.  But why does it always seem that the spraying or fogging happens right when a person is enjoying an evening walk?  Don't take it personal or think the city of Sioux Falls is out to get you!  It's because mosquitoes are more active and are usually looking for food during the dusk hours,  which means that dusk is the best time to kill adult mosquitoes.  And because the aerosol fog primarily targets flying mosquitoes, the timing of the fogging (or spraying) is critical.

There is no law in South Dakota that says that local governments must tell residents when they are going to be spraying for the mosquitoes, but to assist the Sioux Falls residents, there is an interactive Mosquito Spray Zone Map.  It will allow you to type in your address to find out what zone you are in, so when spraying schedules are announced, you know where it's spray-free to take your evening walk.

There are some common sense things people can do to avoid the mosquito spray.  Always watch for announcements on when and where the city will be spraying,  don't allow children to play near or behind the truck, bring pets inside and close windows and doors.

Other common questions and answers regarding the insecticides used during the spraying, the West Nile virus and how mosquitoes are controlled can be found on the City of Sioux Falls website.