Over the weekend the new James Bond film Skyfall was the second most popular film at the box office.  The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 earned over $141 million!  (More Box Office results)

Now, I have yet to see the latest Bond flick.  In fact if memory serves me the last time I was in a movie theater was the last James Bond film.  I know, no social life.

What I do remember from that last movie theater experience was the annoyance of other movie-goers checking their cell phone.  Constantly!  Hello!  Have a little respect for others around you and keep your damn phone in your purse, pocket or, oh, here's an idea, leave it in your car.

Thanks to Cinemark, the theater company that has screens in 39 states including here in Sioux Falls, lighting up the cell phone may be less of a problem.

They've debuted their Cine Mode app, which prompts you to mute and dim your phone during a movie. Leave it off for the entire show and you’ll score concession coupons and possibly other rewards. It’s described as “interactive,” which is ironic since the idea is to not interact at all.

Will this prompt me to go back to the movie theater?  I'll let you know when the next Bond film is released.