David Blaine's latest stunt will involve a shocking amount of juice when he spends three days and three nights standing in the middle of a million volts of electric currents streamed by Tesla coils.  It's billed as  “Electrified: One Million Volts Always On”.

It will take place at Pier 54 on New York’s West Side.  “Electrified” also will be streamed on YouTube.

But, this reminded me of a vacation spot I recently read about.  High in the desert of Western New Mexico there's a mile-long piece of land art called Lightning Field.  The 400 stainless steel, 20 foot high poles are set in a precise grid and designed to attract lightning strikes while you walk through them.

And, there is a small cabin with three bedrooms adjacent to the sculpture for rent!  Only $250 per person per night.  Yikes!!  I'd settle for a stay-cation before this.