An Iowa man who claims to be a reputable dog breeder and trainer is now facing serious animal neglect charges.

KSFY TV is reporting that thirty-five-year-old Dustin Young is free on bond after being arrested and charged with 40 counts of animal neglect.

Young who operates the Young Gunz Kennel located in western Iowa, about 2 miles southeast of Hancock, appeared in Pottawattamie County court on Thursday, (June 21).

According to KSFY, police found three dog carcasses and dozens of malnourished dogs and puppies last month. Authorities say the inside of the kennel was covered in dog urine and feces, and there was no sign of food and water for the animals at the time of Young's arrest.

KSFY reports that Young is facing 36 simple misdemeanor counts and four serious misdemeanor counts in the case. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for (July 10).

Source: KSFY TV

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