I think I speak for all Apple peeps when I say: "Holy Crap!"  All you iPhone 5 users have barely had enough time to slap a $30 screen protector on your new purchases and the iGenies are aready hinting at another phone that's better than the one you just paid to much for.  Soon the iGods will be telling you that your i5 is already obsolete.  And of course, if the Apple Deities tell us that we need the latest, coolest, over-priced shiny new thing, what choice do we have but to limit out another credit card and scoop it up?  This is the latest rumor from cnetnews.com

Software developers scanning through their logs have seen devices that identify themselves as “iPhone6,1” and indicate they are running iOS 7. Apple’s current phone bears the identifier “iPhone5,1” or “iPhone5,2” depending on the model and the network it runs on. Devices often use such identifying tags to communicate basic information to software, such as features and capability.  While this information can be faked, The Next Web said, the logs also reveal an IP address that indicates the location of the phone -- Cupertino, Calif.., where Apple is headquartered.  No further details about the phone were available, and Apple routinely refuses to comment on undisclosed models or future plans.

So does this make you feel like the Apple folks are taking advantage of you or not?