I just finished reading an article regarding iPhone users being clumsy. I'd have to agree after watching my wife with her iPhone.

She got her iPhone about 12 months ago and she was like a kid on Christmas morning, uber excited!  I was with her at the time of the purchase and recommended she buy a case for the phone in the event she drops it. She said, "No. That’s ok, I'll be alright without one." Ok I said. Within two weeks, she dropped it in the driveway, yikes! Luckily there was no damage.

Then the phone almost took a tumble into the sink a few weeks later. Shortly after that, it connected with the ceramic tile on the kitchen floor, still no damage! (This thing has more lives than a cat!) After 4 or 5 more near misses, I said, "Enough! Go get a case!" She ended up buying one of these "Otterboxes" that are suppose to survive a nuclear blast at ground-zero. After the case went on the phone she hasn't dropped it since, go figure! She was lucky. Many iPhone users are not.

According to this article from Square Trade, a technology protection plan provider, 30% of current iPhone users have damaged their device in the last 12 months. 11% are currently using an iPhone that is cracked and 6% say they have a taped up damaged iPhone.

How about you, have you ever dropped your iPhone,  dumped it into the toilet or other large body of water? Are you still on phone number one? Let us know.

Oh, by the way, I too have an iPhone and have never dropped mine. Watch, by saying that, I just jinxed myself. Hey, that might not be such a bad thing, if it breaks; I wanted to get the iPhone 5 anyway.