There are varying degrees of scruffiness that men will embrace.  August 15, 2014 is deemed Men’s Grooming Day in order to right the wrongs of hygiene.  

Some men don’t care about their appearance at all while some are very meticulous about their look.  From Mountain Man to Metrosexual all are encouraged to shape up.  An entry from promotes the purchase of grooming products.  Not necessarily specific brands or equipment, but it tries to lead men to invest a little bit of cash to spruce themselves up.

It’s not the path all men should take.  Seriously now, if a guy has trouble maintaining order about himself in the first place there is no reason he should get an Armani suit.  Also by taking just one day set aside for societal pressure to force a change in habits, it’s a waste of time.  Nagging doesn’t make nature take its course if you know what I mean.

A quick shave, shower, nose and ear hair observation plus deodorant should be enough unless a bird’s nest lies somewhere within your general person.