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Do you feel better when you’re right, or when you’re happy?

If you're anything like a man from New Zealand, who recently participated in a study regarding this very same subject, then you undoubtedly answered the question by saying you feel better when you're right, rather than when you're happy.

Researchers recently monitored the behavior of a man and his wife in New Zealand and what they found was quite interesting.

During the study, they had the husband ALWAYS agree with everything his wife said. He would never argue, never question her, and never do anything but agree and smile. (In other words it’s a dream come true for most women and a living nightmare for most men.)

You should know the wife had no idea the researchers had asked her husband to behave this way.

By the 12th day, things had gotten so bad, the guy had to stop. His wife had become so cocky about always being right that she'd become way more critical of everything he did. The husband was so miserable, he couldn't take it anymore.

He finally had to stick up for himself and fight for what is right, rather than just giving in all the time to keep the peace. Which begs the question, is it even possible to feel happy, when you know you're right, but you're forced to admit you're wrong?

One more thing about this experiment, at the start, the husband gave his quality of life a score of seven out of 10. By day 12, he said it was down to a three. Conversely, the wife started at an eight, and was so self-contented she wouldn't tell the researchers her score on day 12.

After hearing about this, it reminded me of a story I had read recently about a man in Britain who couldn't take his wife's nagging any longer, so he put her up for sale. Check it out here.