I have to wonder with the world so into social media is the new flirting a "poke" on Facebook?

I often get "poked" by guys on there. Are they just saying "Hi" or is it a flirt tactic for the shy?

In the world of online dating and winking at someone maybe this is the way of social networking coming together in person. Not only is it the "Poke" feature of Facebook but "liking" my status or pictures I post on there or Instagram seem to be a way of showing you are interested.

Eventually there will the the "Private Message" and maybe you will meet up for coffee. Or they show up wherever you happened to check in at, which is kinda creepy.

What do you think? Am I reading to much into the pokes or is the way of the dating world now? I think it is. I will like a guys status or pictures if I think he is handsome.