Remember a couple of years back when you could buy "The Snuggie" on those late night infomercials?  It was $14.99 of cuddly warmth.

Then not to be outdone, the "Forever Lazy" was made available to the would be couch, crazy, cuddler.  And for $16.99 you could get your snuggle on.

And now, just in time for your holiday gift giving needs, you can buy "The Twinsie"!  You and your "Pooky" can crawl into this fuzzy, two-jammy-put-together, setup.

But together time comes with a cost.  One "Twinsie" costs $50 Pounds.  That's about $80.00 bucks in US Dollars.  But hey, double the zippers, double the fun!

Twinsie :

I don't know why "Blue" is the go-to color for manufactured couch-wear, but if none of these items gives you the vibe and coziness you are looking for, maybe try this new, space age, item..."The Blanket"!?

Would you put a "Twinsie" on your "Christmas Wish List"?