So did you overdo it on Sunday at a Mother's Day buffet and now you feel like you need to drop a few pounds?

Join the crowd.

The good news, I think I've found an easy solution to dropping some of that weight. Would you believe it could be as simple as playing "Tetris"?

A recent study has found that playing "Tetris" is the secret to losing weight. And no, it's not because your Tetris skills somehow over a period of time start making your body melt away fat.

Researchers from Plymouth University in England have found that playing addictive games like "Tetris" are such good mental distractions that they can actually make you forget to eat all that junk food you love to hoover down all the time.

During the study, every time a participant started to get a food craving, they began to play Tetris. What they found was the people who did play Tetris actually got past the urge of wanting to mow down a frozen pizza and a bag of bite-size Snicker's bars because the game did such a great job distracting their brains from wanting to eat.

Don't worry if you suck at playing Tetris, or you've never played the game in your life. Researchers say you don't necessarily have to play Tetris, any good puzzle game will do the trick.

So start playing a few of these thought provoking puzzle games and you can say goodbye to your old junk-food-junkie body, and transform yourself into a lean, mean, video game junkie-machine!

Sure, there's always the chance you might begin to resemble your teenager by spending most of your time on the couch with a video controller in your hand. But think of the upside, at least you'll be thinner, and able to school most kids on the block in vid's.

Start losing weight now. Play a free game of Tetris.