What's worse than being on a diet? How about someone that is on one and won't shut up about it!

That alone is enough to make you swear off dieting forever!

Having a friend that is currently on a diet and is constantly judging you by the food choices you make can be a real pain in your rump roast!

A new survey found that half the people on a diet become so obsessed with talking about it and judging others for not eating better, that it drives all of their other friends who have to sit and listen to their constant lecturing crazy.

Some of the most common things that dieters can't seem to shut up about are:

  • What they've cooked recently.
  • What they've had to eat that day.
  • The calories in the food you're eating.
  • The right and wrong foods and drinks for you to have.
  • The amount of alcohol you drink.
  • The fat content in food.
  • The sugar content in food.
  • The health risks from different foods and drinks.
  • How you should be doing a diet that is similar to theirs.
  • All the additives in food.

Any of those sound familiar? Hey, the next time a dieting friend gives you a hard time for pouring gravy all over everything, just pop them in the pie hole. They should get the idea after that I'm guessing.

Source: Daily Mail